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Exploring The Los Padres National Forest

1,257 Miles of Trails on 1,762,400 Acres, with 875,000 Acres of Protected Wilderness to Explore.

Thank you for taking the time to visit the Hike Los Padres Community. This website was created with the mission of being a source of shared information on trails, camps and locations across the entire Northern and Southern portions of the Los Padres National Forest. The more information we all share and catalog, the better we can track the conditions of the forest network and figure out what sections, trails and or locations are safe to use and which need maintenance.

A good portion of the interior of Los Padres National Forest gets very little use by the general public, so any information on these areas will ensure that these places stay accessible for future generations of hikers, backpackers, trail runners, equestrians, O.H.V's, hunters, cyclists, and explorers. Many of the trails listed on this site may be unmaintained, know your level of ability and always remember to bring extra water.

In partnership with the Los Padres Forest Association (LPFA). The LPFA mission is to care for the Los Padres Forest, ensuring it thrives and remains safe and open for the people to use and enjoy. LPFA volunteers work to keep trails open, report and assess forest conditions and provide public education on how to safely use the forest. If interested becoming a member or volunteering, then please visit www.lpforest.org to learn more.

Over 1000+ Cataloged Locations

Location specific weather reports, recent camp and trail surveys, water data and much more.


Hiking Trails

Explore the hiking trails of the Los Padres National Forest. Combine trails to make loop trips, discover new trails for backpacking, or find new areas to explore for day hikes.

199 Hiking Trails
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Camps and Campgrounds

This updated list on camps enables you to find a new camp to visit anytime; we have included all car campgrounds and trail camps in this section.

288 Camps
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O.H.V. Trails

We got you covered on the O.H.V areas, including Google maps view of all trails, slope gains and losses, so you can be prepared for your next off road adventure.

56 OHV Trails
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Recent Water Reports
Location Date ▾ Surveyor Water Report
Peidra Blanca Camp 11-26-2015LLFlowing
Kellogg Camp 11-23-2015Trace RichardsonFlowing
Sage Hill Campground 11-22-2015Anonymous SurveyorDry
Santa Cruz Camp 11-22-2015Trace RichardsonTrickle
Forbush Camp 11-21-2015Hiker TimDry
Alder Creek Camp - Santa Barbara County 11-21-2015Melissa EllisTrickle
McKinley Spings Camp 11-21-2015Paul CronshawTrickle
Mission Pine Springs Campground 11-21-2015Paul CronshawTrickle
Little Pine Spring Camp 11-21-2015Los Padres Forest AssociationFlowing
Murietta Campground 11-20-2015Bryan ConantDry
Gridley Springs Camp 11-15-2015Anonymous SurveyorDry
East Fork Lion Campground 11-14-2015Rick KaylorDry
Upper Reyes Camp 11-13-2015Rick KaylorFlowing
Matilija Camp 11-13-2015Rick KaylorFlowing
Upper Reyes Camp 11-13-2015Chris NovakFlowing
Beartrap Camp 11-13-2015Chris NovakFlowing
Haddock Camp 11-13-2015Chris NovakDry
Slide Mountain 11-11-2015Dave BurnettDry
Alder Creek Camp - Santa Barbara County 11-10-2015Valerie NortonFlowing
White Ledge Camp -San Rafael Wilderness 11-10-2015Los Padres Forest AssociationStagnant
Pine Mountain Lodge Camp 11-09-2015P. SchouTrickle
Beartrap Camp 11-09-2015P SchouFlowing
The Pines Camp 11-08-2015Los Padres Forest AssociationTrickle
Little Pine Spring Camp 11-07-2015AliceTrickle
Pine Valley Campground 11-06-2015J&VStagnant
Cow Spring Camp 11-06-2015M. JonesTrickle
Forbush Camp 11-03-2015Los Padres Forest AssociationDry
Kerr Spring - Sespe 10-31-2015Austin RDry
Pat Springs Campground 10-24-2015L.NorthTrickle
Buckeye Spring 10-18-2015Steve CypherFlowing
Twin Forks Camp 10-17-2015Hikes with kids and dogsFlowing
Twin Forks Camp 10-17-2015Hikes with kids and dogsFlowing
Lion Den Camp 10-17-2015Steve CypherFlowing
Big Cone Camp 10-12-2015Jeremy ScarlettFlowing
Cross Camp 10-12-2015Jeremy ScarlettFlowing
Upper Reyes Camp 10-11-2015Ranger RikFlowing
Beartrap Camp 10-11-2015Ranger RikFlowing
Middle Lion Campground 10-05-2015Los Padres Forest AssociationFlowing
Manzana Narrows Camp 10-04-2015Jasonn BeckstrandTrickle
Manzana Camp 10-04-2015Jasonn BeckstrandDry
Lost Valley Camp 10-04-2015Jasonn BeckstrandDry
Fish Creek Camp 10-04-2015Jasonn BeckstrandDry
Cottonwood Camp - Sisquoc Trail 10-04-2015Los Padres Forest AssociationFlowing
South Fork Camp - Sisquoc 10-04-2015Los Padres Forest AssociationDry
Madulce Camp 10-04-2015Los Padres Forest AssociationStagnant
Bear Creek Camp 10-03-2015Los Padres Forest AssociationFlowing
Pens Campground 09-27-2015Los Padres Forest AssociationDry
Poplar Campground 09-27-2015Los Padres Forest AssociationDry
Blue Jay Camp 09-27-2015Los Padres Forest AssociationDry
Halfmoon Campground 09-27-2015Los Padres Forest AssociationDry
Chokecherry Spring 09-26-2015Los Padres Forest AssociationFlowing
Reyes Creek Campground 09-26-2015Los Padres Forest AssociationFlowing
Thorn Meadows Campground 09-26-2015Los Padres Forest AssociationDry
Cottonwood Camp - Sisquoc Trail 09-26-2015Jared Spangler Flowing
Upper Bear Camp 09-26-2015Los Padres Forest AssociationFlowing
Manzana Schoolhouse Camp 09-25-2015Serhiy Petryshak Dry
Cow Spring 09-23-2015SimigangStagnant
Sheep Camp 09-19-2015NIck BlakeStagnant
Pine Mountain Campground 09-18-2015Los Padres Forest AssociationDry
Bluff Guard Station 09-13-2015Los Padres Forest AssociationDry
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Latest Camp Reports

Please click on a report below to view the survey

Peidra Blanca Camp Survey - 11-26-2015 - by LL
Link: Peidra Blanca Camp
Date: 11-26-2015
Surveyor Name:LL
Camp Description:Beautiful campsite, had a lovely evening listening to the flowing water and watching the (almost) full moon. 
Water Source:Flowing
Water Source Details:
Weather Conditions:Clear skies, chilly nights (just above freezing?)
Kellogg Camp Survey - 11-23-2015 - by Trace Richardson
Link: Kellogg Camp
Date: 11-23-2015
Surveyor Name:Trace Richardson
Camp Description:The table has continued to be a chew toy for bears, but a nice place to stay with water!
Water Source:Flowing
Water Source Details:Was flowing about 3 to 6 inches deep.
Weather Conditions:
Sage Hill Campground Survey - 11-22-2015 - by Anonymous Surveyor
Link: Sage Hill Campground
Date: 11-22-2015
Surveyor Name:Anonymous Surveyor
Camp Description:very dry and not a lot of shade. it is very evident that a fire when thru the area, burnt areas. great to see the new growth but still so dry and hot. very few wildflowers.
its a challenge and I'm in pretty good shape. took us about 1.5 hours and the trail was about 3.33 miles.
bring water!

Water Source:Dry
Water Source Details:
Weather Conditions:76
Santa Cruz Camp Survey - 11-22-2015 - by Trace Richardson
Link: Santa Cruz Camp
Date: 11-22-2015
Surveyor Name:Trace Richardson
Camp Description:
Water Source:Trickle
Water Source Details:Most pools were stagnant, but found one pool that had a very small trickle.
Weather Conditions:
Forbush Camp Survey - 11-21-2015 - by Hiker Tim
Link: Forbush Camp
Date: 11-21-2015
Surveyor Name:Hiker Tim
Camp Description:Both camps were in use and in good condition. We ended up camping by the big oak tree in the meadow. 
Water Source:Dry
Water Source Details:
Weather Conditions:Clear skis, high 70s, overnight low 50
Alder Creek Camp - Santa Barbara County Survey - 11-21-2015 - by Melissa Ellis
Link: Alder Creek Camp - Santa Barbara County
Date: 11-21-2015
Surveyor Name:Melissa Ellis
Camp Description:We tried to access Alder Creek Camp from the Franklin Trail connector off of the Divide Peak OHV trail with the hopes of looping back. Unfortunately we never made it to the camp. The Franklin Trail from Divide Peak is completely overgrown, we found an area that most likely was once the trail head where there was evidence of long ago sawed off branches but the shrubs have since grown to over 6 feet high. Down the canyon some we could again see a hint of a trail under the power lines but no path to get there. Some trail clearing with hack saws and the like is required to make this passable again.
Water Source:Trickle
Water Source Details:unknown (couldn't submit form without picking a water source option)
Weather Conditions:
McKinley Spings Camp Survey - 11-21-2015 - by Paul Cronshaw
Link: McKinley Spings Camp
Date: 11-21-2015
Surveyor Name:Paul Cronshaw
Camp Description:Campsite is in great condition.  We painted the two tables, cleaned the fire pit and dug the toilet deeper. 
Water Source:Trickle
Water Source Details:Stock tub and steel tank are full of clean water. Flow is approximately a liter per 10 mins. Possible decaying mouse so filter water.
Weather Conditions:
Mission Pine Springs Campground Survey - 11-21-2015 - by Paul Cronshaw
Link: Mission Pine Springs Campground
Date: 11-21-2015
Surveyor Name:Paul Cronshaw
Camp Description:Campsite was in good condition. Water present. Two shovels and loppers are leaning against the tree.  Fire pit in good condition. 
Water Source:Trickle
Water Source Details:Original source is dry. There is a small sandy basin with clean water and a stock trough. Best source is creek 1/4 mile below camp.
Weather Conditions:Clear, sunny, 70s', no wind
Little Pine Spring Camp Survey - 11-21-2015 - by Los Padres Forest Association
Link: Little Pine Spring Camp
Date: 11-21-2015
Surveyor Name:Los Padres Forest Association
Camp Description:Water at Little Pine Spring Camp.  The trail down to the camp from the Santa Cruz Trail remains hard to follow - could use some work.
Water Source:Flowing
Water Source Details:
Weather Conditions:
Murietta Campground Survey - 11-20-2015 - by Bryan Conant
Link: Murietta Campground
Date: 11-20-2015
Surveyor Name:Bryan Conant
Camp Description:Camp looked clean, a few flies, overall a very pleasant place to hang out.
Water Source:Dry
Water Source Details:I didn't spend too much time looking around but didn't see or hear any water in the creek.
Weather Conditions:Low 80's, warm in the sun and cool in the shade.
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Latest Trail Reports

Please click on a report below to view the survey

Manzana Trail Survey - 2-13-1983 - by Los Padres Forest Association
Link: Manzana Trail
Date: 2-13-1983
Surveyor Name:Los Padres Forest Association
Mode of transport:Array
Trail condition:Good shape and easy to follow
Manzana Creek Trail Survey - 11-4-15 - by Tom Plymale
Link: Manzana Creek Trail
Date: 11-4-15
Surveyor Name:Tom Plymale
Trail description:Took a quick walk out to Fish camp and back to check the trail after the storms 2 weeks ago. Overall the trail Is in good shape. The Manzana moved a lot of water and is silted in pretty good. Beyond Lost Valley camp there is a sycamore thats bent over the trail and  need  to be cut out. Further out there was a gully washer from a side drainage that  blew out a crossing. Stock will not be able to cross and would need an alternate route. It is fixable. Where the trail drops to cross the Manzana to Fish camp got blown out also but the trail is still visible. There is no flowing water. We may be able to send some folks in soon to take care of the tree and the crossings.

Mode of transport:Hike
Trail condition:Needs some work
Condition details:Nira to Fish Camp
Mission Pine Trail Survey - 11-21-2015 - by Paul Cronshaw
Link: Mission Pine Trail
Date: 11-21-2015
Surveyor Name:Paul Cronshaw
Trail description:Trail is in good condition and easy to follow. There are 4 downed trees between San Rafael Mountain and Mission Pine Springs ranging in size from 14 - 28".  A 5th tree is hung up across trail about 1/4 mile below Mission Pine Springs Camp.
Mode of transport:Hike
Trail condition:Needs some work
Condition details:4 downed trees
Murietta Trail Survey - 11-20-2015 - by Bryan Conant
Link: Murietta Trail
Date: 11-20-2015
Surveyor Name:Bryan Conant
Trail description:Trail is very brushy from the road down to the camp.  Some branches in the trail.  Both creek crossings are hard to follow, especially with a bike.  The trail gets much better as you get below the camp.  Hot in the sun and cool in the shade.  A great short hike out of Ojai.  Didn't see another person.
Mode of transport:Bicycle
Trail condition:Needs some work
Agua Blanca Trail Survey - 11-15-2015 - by Mark Subbotin
Link: Agua Blanca Trail
Date: 11-15-2015
Surveyor Name:Mark Subbotin
Trail description:Ojai Ranger Dist. recon/survey; hiked from Kester Cabin to Log Cabin Camp through the Devils Gateway.  Creek crossings were flagged.  Trail is generally easy to follow, but be extra alert at creek crossings to pick up trail on opposite side and where trail climbs back out of creek bottom onto south slope.  Devils Gateway had knee high water.  Water flowing at Log Cabin Camp and up Potholes Trail to Potholes Cabin.  
Mode of transport:Hike
Trail condition:Needs some work
Poplar Trail Survey - 11-14-2015 - by Los Padres Forest Association
Link: Poplar Trail
Date: 11-14-2015
Surveyor Name:Los Padres Forest Association
Trail description:Trail is in poor shape after about a mile from Bluff. Brush reaches across trail in many places. Also lots of downed branches and trees – we had to break a way through for hikers, not passable for equestrians. No indication Blue Jay, Poplar or Pens have been used recently. Indian Creek dry except flowing for a stretch above Blue Jay
Mode of transport:Array
Trail condition:Needs some work
Big Cone Spruce Trail Survey - 11-12-2015 - by Los Padres Forest Association
Link: Big Cone Spruce Trail
Date: 11-12-2015
Surveyor Name:Los Padres Forest Association
Trail description:

The trail up to Big Cone Spruce needed trail maintenance.  We cleared the blowdowns we could, but there are still a few on that stretch.
Mode of transport:Hike
Trail condition:Needs some work
Franklin Trail Survey - 11-10-2015 - by Valerie Norton
Link: Franklin Trail
Date: 11-10-2015
Surveyor Name:Valerie Norton
Trail description:The raspberries weren't making it hard to find the trail this time, so that's a plus.  Otherwise, it is practically the same as three years ago.  Downed trees (under 12") and a small spring make it not entirely obvious which way the trail goes toward the bottom and it looks like some people have looked for it climbing rather than up the canyon a few hundred more feet before climbing.  There are more trees down above this (all under 24") and some of them are still growing.  Above the first set of switchbacks is a slide area with improvements to hold in the trail, but half of these have failed and the other half have so much extra sluff that it feels a little dangerous.  There are a couple spots near the top where the trail bed is failing, too, but otherwise it is good and obvious.  Well, I thought it was obvious.  Some switchbacks have been cut the last 5 feet or so.  One spot where it crosses a dry creek shortly has seen many feet go up the creek instead of the trail on the other side, but the trail comes back quickly and it is currently flagged in this location.  Brush is stabby from both sides, especially over the mile above camp.  Different from 3 years ago: the front side exists!  Another plus.
Mode of transport:Hike
Trail condition:Needs some work
Condition details:trees down, narrow tread
Thorn Point Trail Survey - 11-04-2015 - by Dave Burnett
Link: Thorn Point Trail
Date: 11-04-2015
Surveyor Name:Dave Burnett
Trail description:

Thorn Point Hike

            Hike started at the last stream crossing, ~4,830 ft elev before turning onto Forest Road 7N038, adding about 1.8 miles each way to the hike.  This 1.8 miles is an easy hike to the Thorn Point trailhead.  The first 1.6 miles on the trail is undulating, but only a slight additional gain to ~5,400 ft elev.  At 1.6 miles from the trailhead the trail steepens significantly, following switchbacks generally to the south to an elevation of 6,575 ft at 3.1 miles from the trailhead.  The remaining 0.6 miles climbs ~360 ft to the tower at 6,935 ft.  Total distance from the car is 5.6 miles and an elevation gain of ~2,100 feet mostly in the last third of the hike.

            The entire trail is very easy to follow, so navigation is not much of an issue.  Lots of great views and rest stop locations along the way.  Trail is in very good shape, although there are a few fallen trees blocking the way in the first mile from the trailhead.  These are easy to get around or over.  There was no sign of any water along the trail.

            This hike was strenuous, but very pleasant and rewarding.  Starting at 9 am, the temp was about 37 degrees at the car.  By noon at the tower, the temp was about 45 with light wind.  There was a small amount of snow at the higher elevations on protected north slopes.  The snow was delivered by the storm two days before our hike.  Views at the Tower were spectacular.  Tower is in poor repair but felt safe to climb.  Look out for rusty nails and broken boards, though.  Careful where you step on the walkway.  It feels sturdy, but there could be weak spots.

            After about an hour at the Tower and signing the summit register, we headed back to the car at 1 pm.  A lot easier going down!  We arrived at the car at 4 pm.  There are a number of geocaches along the road to the trailhead which I was happy to find.  This added about 45 minutes to the hike back.

            In addition to views at the Tower, much of the trail also affords views of massive rock formations and a variety of types of vegetation.  It is hard to believe this trail gets so little use.  We saw no one else on the trail and the prior signatures on the summit register were from late September.  The big drawback is likely the long drive to the trailhead along the mostly unpaved road from Lockwood Valley Road.

Mode of transport:Hike
Trail condition:Good shape and easy to follow
Aliso Loop Trail Survey - 11-04-2015 - by Los Padres Forest Association
Link: Aliso Loop Trail
Date: 11-04-2015
Surveyor Name:Los Padres Forest Association
Trail description:Report from Ranger Rik:

Picked up all blow down limbs on trail. Trail is in good shape with little water damage. 
Mode of transport:Hike
Trail condition:Good shape and easy to follow
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