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Tinta OHV Trail - Los Padres National Forest
Trail Distance 6.81 Miles

 Wandering motorcycle trail up a canyon. Connects Tinta campground with West Dry Canyon Road.

Trail Details

  • Trail #: 24W02
  • Wilderness Area: Dick Smith
  • County: Santa Barbara County
  • Ranger District: Mt. Pinos Ranger District
  • Trail-head Latitude: 34.71551139
  • Trail-head Longitude: -119.4157091
  • Trail Condition: Good
  • Topo Maps:
  • Activities & Features:
    • Car Camping
    • Day Hiking
    • Mountain Biking
    • OHV Area

Trail Stats

  • Total Elevation Gain: + 1670 feet.
  • Total Elevation Loss: - 690 feet.
  • Overall Average Slope Gain: + 6 %.
  • Overall Average Slope Loss: - 5 %.
  • Kilometers: (km)
  • Meters: (m)
  • Miles: (mi)
  • Feet: (ft)
  • Average Slope: (%)
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Survey This Trail

Survey Photos:

  • Mike Maki - 04-14-2017

  • Mike Maki - 04-14-2017

  • Mike Maki - 04-14-2017

  • Mike Maki - 04-14-2017

  • Mike Maki - 04-14-2017

  • Los Padres Forest Association - 11-22-2017

  • Los Padres Forest Association - 11-22-2017

  • Los Padres Forest Association - 11-22-2017

Submitted Trail Reports

Tinta OHV Trail Survey - 11-22-2017 - by Los Padres Forest Association
Link: Tinta OHV Trail
Date: 11-22-2017
Surveyor Name:Los Padres Forest Association
Trail description:The LPFA spent two weeks working the Tinta Trail as part of a NFWF trails grant.  We cleared the top 1.6 miles from the upper trailhead down past Upper Tinta Camp.  The trail is extremely brushy below the 1.6 mile mark with narrow tread, gullies, washouts and ruts.  We're hoping to get back out there soon and finish it up.  More details at the link below.

Mode of transport:Hike
Trail condition:Needs some work

This is what the brushy sections look like.

This is what the cleared top 1.6 miles looks like.

This is what Upper Tinta Camp looks like.
Tinta OHV Trail Survey - 04-14-2017 - by Mike Maki
Link: Tinta OHV Trail
Date: 04-14-2017
Surveyor Name:Mike Maki
Trail description:First three miles from the locked gate at Hwy 33 freshly graded to Tinta Camp. Still some water in Cuyama River. Lots of water in Tinta Creek. The trail past Tinta Camp is in good shape. Some areas a little brushy and some a little rutted. No poison oak! Easy to follow. I follow one set of motorcycle tracks all the way to Cuyama Peak. Water still flowing where the trail ends at Dry Canyon Road (8N19). Pics from a hike up Tinta to Cuyama Pk, down Dry Canyon, and out Santa Barbara Cyn.
Mode of transport:Hike
Trail condition:Good shape and easy to follow

One of several Arizona crossings on freshly graded Tinta Trail

Roads end at trail start at Tinta Camp

Typical trail condition (good!) and water in Tinta Creek

Tinta Creek about 5 miles in

Trails end at Dry Canyon Road
Tinta OHV Trail Survey - 03-30-2015 - by Los Padres Forest Association
Link: Tinta OHV Trail
Date: 03-30-2015
Surveyor Name:Los Padres Forest Association
Trail description:UTMC continued their onslaught on the fallen trees within the Mt Pinos Ranger District.  If you were a tree blocking a trail in the MPRD, be worried, real worried!

This time they logged 15 trees off the Tinta Trail and 10 leaners were felled from next to the trail.

Mode of transport:Stock
Trail condition:Needs some work

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Last Updated: Wednesday, March 30, 2016

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