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List of Springs in the Los Padres National Forest

A total of (174) Springs are currently available. ×
Abel Canyon Spring
Agua Caliente Spring
Agua Escondida Spring
Aguadulce Spring
American Canyon Spring
Arundell Spring
Balloon Spring
Barrel Springs
Beartrap Spring
Bello Spring
Bellyache Springs
Ben Willow Spring
Big Spring - Alamo Mountain
Big Spring - Cuyama
Big Spring - Garcia Wilderness
Bitter Creek Spring
Black Willow Spring
Blinn Spring
Blue Oak Spring
Blue Rock Spring
Bluff Spring
Borracho Spring
Bowman Spring
Buck Cove Spring
Buck Creek Spring
Buck Opening Spring
Buck Spring
Buckeye Spring
Bucksnort Spring
Cable Corral Spring
Cahoon Spring
Canyon Spring
Carpa Spring, La
Carrals Spring
Carter Spring
Cherokee Spring
Cherry Orchard Spring
Chester Spring
Chicken Springs
Choke Cherry Spring
Chokecherry Spring
Chorro Spring
Cobblestone Spring
Cold Spring - San Rafael Mountain
Cold Spring - Ventana
Cole Spring
Cotter Spring
Cow Spring
Dave Littlejohn Spring
Deer Spring
Demijohn Spring
Difficult Spring
Double Springs
Douglas Spring
Dripping Springs
Dughi Spring
Dutchman Spring
East Mine Canyon Spring
Ernest Blanco Spring
Fermandez Spring
Fine Spring
Fox Spring
Garica Potrero Spring
Gaviota Hot Springs
Gifford Spring
Gillam Spring
Goode Spring
Grand Spring
Halfway Spring
Heath Spring
Hi Mountain Spring
Hidden Spring
Hog Pen Spring
Horseshoe Spring
Hot Spring - Cachuma Lake
Hot Spring - Matilija
Hunt Spring
Hunter Spring
Hunter Spring - San Rafael
Jack Spring
Jackson Spring
James Spring
Johnson Surprise Spring
Johnston Spring
Juan Fernandez Spring
Juan Spring
Kendall Spring
Kerr Spring - Sespe
King David Spring
La Jolla Spring - Potrero Seco
La Jolla Spring - Salisbury Potrero
La Jolla Spring - Zaca Lake
Laurel Springs
Leaf Spring
Lime Rock Spring
Little Caliente Spring
Little Falls Spring
Little Pine Spring
Little Spring
Little Sulphur Spring
Live Oak Spring - Sisquoc
Logan Spring
Lost Knife Spring
Lower Lion Spring
Lower Newsome Spring
Lower Sand Spring
Lyda Spring
Machesna Spring
Machos Spring
Mare Spring
McGurie Spring
McKinley Spring - San Rafael Mountain
McLain Spring
McNeil Spring
Mesa Spring
Milburn Spring
Milkcan Spring
Miranda Pine Spring
Monjas Spring
Montecito Hot Springs
Montgomery Number Three Spring
Montgomery Number Two Spring
Montgomery Spring
Mystery Spring
Nettle Spring
North Mine Canyon Spring
Oak Spring - Rancho Nuevo Creek
Oak Spring - Salisbury Potrero
Oak Springs
Olive Spring
Peach Tree Spring
Peartree Spring
Pepper Spring
Pine Corral Spring
Pine Mountain Springs
Pine Spring - La Panza
Pine Spring - San Guillermo Mountain
Plowshare Spring
Pole Spring
Porter Spring
Pothole Spring
Quail Spring
Raspberry Spring
Rattlesnake Spring
Redwood Spring
Richardson Spring
Rock Spring
Rodeo Spring
Round Potrero Spring
Salsipuedes Spring - Santa Margarita Lake
Sespe Hot Springs
Slates Hot Springs
Soldiers Home Spring
Soto Spring
Squaw Spring
Sulphur Pots
Sulphur Spring - Branch Mountain
Sulphur Spring - Ojai
Sulphur Spring - Salisbury Potrero
Sulphur Spring - Ventana Cones
Sulphur Spring - Zaca Lake
Tajea Spring
Tennison Spring
Upper Branch Canyon Spring
Upper Hog Pen Spring
Upper Newsome Spring
Upper Trough Canyon Spring
Whiskey Spring
Wild Horse Spring
Willett Hot Springs
Willow Spring - Camatta Ranch
Willow Spring - Chimney Canyon
Willow Spring - Figueroa Mountain
Wilsie Spring

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