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Cruickshank Trail - Los Padres National Forest
Trail Distance 6.22 Miles

The Cruickshank Trail is a 6 mile trail in the Silver Peak Wilderness, located in Monterey County. The trail starts from Highway 1 and completes at the South Coast Ridge Road 20S05.6. The Buckeye Trail (5E09) crosses this trail about midway. The Cruickshank trail has beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean and meanders through oaks and into Redwood filled canyons.

Trail Details

  • Trail #: 5E10
  • Wilderness Area: Silver Peak
  • County: Monterey County
  • Ranger District: Monterey Ranger District
  • Trail-head Latitude: 35.84276
  • Trail-head Longitude: -121.40255
  • Trail Condition: Kind of Good - Little to no bushwacking and easily followable
  • Topo Maps:
  • Activities & Features:
    • Backpacking
    • Creek
    • Day Hiking
    • Wildlife Viewing
    • Wilderness Camping

Trail Stats

  • Total Elevation Gain: + 4260 feet.
  • Total Elevation Loss: - 1344 feet.
  • Overall Average Slope Gain: + 13 %.
  • Overall Average Slope Loss: - 12 %.
  • Kilometers: (km)
  • Meters: (m)
  • Miles: (mi)
  • Feet: (ft)
  • Average Slope: (%)

Trail Camps

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Survey Photos:

  • Sherri - 05-08-2016

  • Sherri - 05-08-2016

  • Sherri - 05-08-2016

  • Sherri - 05-08-2016

  • Sherri - 05-08-2016

Submitted Trail Reports

Cruickshank Trail Survey - 06-01-2015 - by Los Padres Forest Association
Link: Cruickshank Trail
Date: 06-01-2015
Surveyor Name:Los Padres Forest Association
Trail description:The Ventana Wilderness Alliance completed the trail to pack stock standards from Highway 1 to Upper Cruickshank Camp in Spring 2015.
Mode of transport:Array
Trail condition:Good shape and easy to follow
Cruickshank Trail Survey - 05-08-2016 - by Sherri
Link: Cruickshank Trail
Date: 05-08-2016
Surveyor Name:Sherri
Trail description:

This is my first time trail reporting.

We started our hike at Cruickshank trailhead at PCH on Sunday. We hiked along this trail to the Buckeye junction. Then we hiked along the Buckeye trail to the Buckeye Camp that sits next to the spring. Spent one night there. Second day we retraced our hike on Buckeye trail but then continued on to Villa Creek Camp. Spent one night there. Trails were all clear, Villa Creek was full flowing. The spring at Buckeye Camp was also flowing but we did not feel comfortable dipping into water from the trough as there were unidentified organisms there. Instead, we captured our water from just above the trough.

We also did a short hike beyond Villa Creek Camp heading toward Alder Creek Camp. This trail was very overgrown and probably where I came into contact with the poison oak that I later broke out from. There are beautiful views if you don't mind pushing through the overgrowth.

Mode of transport:Hike
Trail condition:Good shape and easy to follow

View from Cruickshank Trail

Buckeye Camp

Villa Creek

Ready to pack it out from Villa Creek Camp

Trail to Alder Creek Camp
Cruickshank Trail Survey - 03-31-2015 - by Anonymous Surveyor
Link: Cruickshank Trail
Date: 03-31-2015
Surveyor Name:Anonymous Surveyor
Trail description:Trail leading up to Lions Den camp is very eroded/crumbling after crossing the creek. Trail gets very narrow with steep drop off to the side. 
Mode of transport:Hike
Trail condition:Needs some work

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Last Updated: Thursday, February 18, 2016

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