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Buckeye Camp South Los Padres National Forest

  • Camp Type: Trail Camp
  • Topo Map Link: Caldwell Mesa
  • Elevation: 1700 feet
  • Wilderness Area: Garcia
  • County: San Luis Obispo County
  • Ranger District: Santa Lucia Ranger District
  • Longitude: -120.3445374
  • Latitude: 35.24619173
  • Water Sources: Buckeye Creek Seasonal
  • Length of Stay: 14 Days
  • Reservations: Trail Camp

Recent Water Reports:

Date Surveyor Water Report
04-30-2017Matt Inman-Ojai Valley SchoolFlowing
03-19-2016Bri K.Flowing
04-11-2015Steve CypherTrickle
04-05-2015Jeaninne LittleTrickle
3-8-2017Los Padres Forest AssociationFlowing


Buckeye Camp is located on the Caldwell Trout Creek Trail (15E06) in the Garcia Wilderness.

Survey Photos:

  • Steve Cypher - 04-11-2015
    Buckeye Camp fire ring.

  • Steve Cypher - 04-11-2015
    Nice pool of clear water at Buckeye Camp.

  • B.Wampler - 09-24-2016

  • Los Padres Forest Association - 3-8-2017
    Junction Buckeye Camp & Caldwell Trail with signs

  • Los Padres Forest Association - 3-8-2017
    OLD Buckeye Camp Sign

  • Los Padres Forest Association - 3-8-2017
    Buckeye Camp

Submitted Camp Reports

Buckeye Camp Survey - 11-18-2017 - by Andrew
Link: Buckeye Camp
Date: 11-18-2017
Surveyor Name:Andrew
Camp Description:
Water Source:Trickle
Water Source Details:Muddy water trickling right through camp. Soda Springs about a 1/4 mile up the trail had a slightly better flow.
Weather Conditions:
Buckeye Camp Survey - 04-30-2017 - by Matt Inman-Ojai Valley School
Link: Buckeye Camp
Date: 04-30-2017
Surveyor Name:Matt Inman-Ojai Valley School
Camp Description:We camped in the meadow just west of the actual Buckeye Camp for ease of access to water. Buckeye itself was a little "oakey" and on a much smaller creek about 100 yards off the trail.
Water Source:Flowing
Water Source Details:Excellent water just west of official camp. Clean, clear, strong flow with pools 2'-3' deep.
Weather Conditions:
Buckeye Camp Survey - 09-24-2016 - by B.Wampler
Link: Buckeye Camp
Date: 09-24-2016
Surveyor Name:B.Wampler
Camp Description:We did a one night out and back. Trail is all single-track but clear. Three bear sightings but they all turned away from us (brown bear). 
Water Source:Trickle
Water Source Details:Hot day in late September. Water still flowing. 3 bear sightings, 4 cows, multiple deer.
Weather Conditions:90f Day, 55-60f Evening. Clear Sky's!

Buckeye Camp Survey - 03-19-2016 - by Bri K.
Link: Buckeye Camp
Date: 03-19-2016
Surveyor Name:Bri K.
Camp Description:Nice place to camp. But trail gets lost after the camp. I couldn't find where the Caldwell trout trail continued past camp. 
Water Source:Flowing
Water Source Details:Right by camp, there is a trickle, but 100 yds away was flowing gooooooood
Weather Conditions:
Buckeye Camp Survey - 04-11-2015 - by Steve Cypher
Link: Buckeye Camp
Date: 04-11-2015
Surveyor Name:Steve Cypher
Camp Description:Camped was in the best shape I've seen it. Looks like people have been camping there. A nice hole was dug in the creek where you can get water - in the past it's been a muddy seep. 
Water Source:Trickle
Water Source Details:
Weather Conditions:

Buckeye Camp fire ring.

Nice pool of clear water at Buckeye Camp.
Buckeye Camp Survey - 04-05-2015 - by Jeaninne Little
Link: Buckeye Camp
Date: 04-05-2015
Surveyor Name:Jeaninne Little
Camp Description:
There is a small stagnant pool of water just off of the campsite. The cow skull marking the turn to the camp is now just a pile of bones. The creek was flowing in a couple places, but most parts of the creek were dry. Fill up on water when you can. On the way out there were tons and tons of gnats, probably in the thousands. I would highly recommend a bug net if you are going this time of year. Poison oak was high, but that is to be expected in this area. Lots of shade, and overall a great hike on Trout Creek Trail. We saw a couple snakes, (non-venemous), lots of spiders, flies, mosquitos, etc. but no bears of other large mammals.
Water Source:Trickle
Water Source Details:small stagnant pool at the camp.
Weather Conditions:68 degrees and clear.
Buckeye Camp Survey - 3-8-2017 - by Los Padres Forest Association
Link: Buckeye Camp
Date: 3-8-2017
Surveyor Name:Los Padres Forest Association
Camp Description:Camp does't appear to see a lot of human use, although the nearby cows seem to get around quite a bit.  Lots of poison oak.  Trail was faint but followable.  Lots of widow maker oaks around camp.
Water Source:Flowing
Water Source Details:Plenty of water EVERYWHERE!
Weather Conditions:

Junction Buckeye Camp & Caldwell Trail with signs

OLD Buckeye Camp Sign

Buckeye Camp

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Last Updated: Tuesday, February 24, 2015

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