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Chokecherry Spring - Los Padres National Forest

34.72472, -119.62528


  • TopoMap: Big Pine Mountain
  • Wilderness Area: Non Wilderness Area
  • County: Santa Barbara County
  • Ranger District: Santa Barbara Ranger District
  • Longitude: -119.62528
  • Latitude: 34.72472
  • Water Sources: Better water can be found above at the spring source, filter this water before drinking
  • Recent Water Reports:

    Date Surveyor Water Report
    04-13-2017Captain NomadFlowing
    08-13-2016Los Padres Forest AssociationStagnant
    06-25-2016Los Padres Forest AssociationFlowing
    05-14-2016Jasonn BeckstrandStagnant
    03-28-2016Aaron SongerStagnant
    02-27-2016Anonymous SurveyorFlowing
    09-26-2015Los Padres Forest AssociationFlowing
    06-07-2015Los Padres Forest AssociationFlowing
    11-6-2016Cameron DStagnant
Photo: Rick Humphrey
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Chokecherry Spring is located in the Los Padres National Forest. The spring is on the Big Pine Mountain Topo Map, If you have recently visited this spring, please give us some feed back on the water quality.

Survey Photos:

  • Los Padres Forest Association - 09-26-2015
    Photo Aaron Songer

  • Aaron Songer - 03-28-2016

  • Aaron Songer - 03-28-2016

  • Los Padres Forest Association - 06-25-2016
    The Chokecherry Tomb

  • Los Padres Forest Association - 06-25-2016
    The Chokecherry Trough

  • Los Padres Forest Association - 08-13-2016
    Chokecherry Tomb

  • Los Padres Forest Association - 08-13-2016
    Chokecherry Trough

Weather Forecasts for Chokecherry Spring

Submitted Reports

Chokecherry Spring Survey - 04-13-2017 - by Captain Nomad
Link: Chokecherry Spring
Date: 04-13-2017
Surveyor Name:Captain Nomad
Camp Description:
Water Source:Flowing
Water Source Details:Steady flow of clean water
Weather Conditions:
Chokecherry Spring Survey - 08-13-2016 - by Los Padres Forest Association
Link: Chokecherry Spring
Date: 08-13-2016
Surveyor Name:Los Padres Forest Association
Camp Description:The trough at Chokecherry was mostly full with algae infested water.  The tomb had just a splash of water and was not flowing over into the trough.  Chokecherry need water. 
Water Source:Stagnant
Water Source Details:
Weather Conditions:Low 90's and HOT

Chokecherry Tomb

Chokecherry Trough
Chokecherry Spring Survey - 06-25-2016 - by Los Padres Forest Association
Link: Chokecherry Spring
Date: 06-25-2016
Surveyor Name:Los Padres Forest Association
Camp Description:Los Padres Outfitters led a volunteer project to fix Chokecherry Spring.  It was cleared, cleaned and re-plumbed where needed.  Working great with great water flow.
Water Source:Flowing
Water Source Details:
Weather Conditions:

The Chokecherry Tomb

The Chokecherry Trough
Chokecherry Spring Survey - 05-14-2016 - by Jasonn Beckstrand
Link: Chokecherry Spring
Date: 05-14-2016
Surveyor Name:Jasonn Beckstrand
Camp Description:The trough is full of merky water.  No want flow out of the spring or the tank
Water Source:Stagnant
Water Source Details:no flow from the spring
Weather Conditions:70 no wind
Chokecherry Spring Survey - 03-28-2016 - by Aaron Songer
Link: Chokecherry Spring
Date: 03-28-2016
Surveyor Name:Aaron Songer
Camp Description:There is no flow into the trough since the pipe is broken. The trough is full of good water though.

The drainage hole into the culvert is full of dirt and rocks again. 
Water Source:Stagnant
Water Source Details:pipe from tank to trough is broken
Weather Conditions:cool, breezy

Chokecherry Spring Survey - 02-27-2016 - by Anonymous Surveyor
Link: Chokecherry Spring
Date: 02-27-2016
Surveyor Name:Anonymous Surveyor
Camp Description:Trough full but looking kinda' bad.  Fill pipe appears to be disconnected between tank and trough.  Plenty of good, clean water flow into and out of tank... it's just not making it into the trough at the moment.  Filled directly from outflow of tank instead.
Water Source:Flowing
Water Source Details:
Weather Conditions:Sunny, 65*F
Chokecherry Spring Survey - 09-26-2015 - by Los Padres Forest Association
Link: Chokecherry Spring
Date: 09-26-2015
Surveyor Name:Los Padres Forest Association
Camp Description:LPFA Patrol to clean out the spring at Chokecherry.  Spring is flowing nicely and in good shape.  This has got to be one of the most reliable springs in the forest.
Water Source:Flowing
Water Source Details:
Weather Conditions:Mid 80's and clear

Photo Aaron Songer
Chokecherry Spring Survey - 09-05-2015 - by LKasko
Link: Chokecherry Spring
Date: 09-05-2015
Surveyor Name:LKasko
Camp Description:
Water Source:Trickle
Water Source Details:The trough was full, with water barely dripping out of the faucet. The trough water was extremely scummy. We walked down this far by accident; had to turn around and head back.
Weather Conditions:
Chokecherry Spring Survey - 06-07-2015 - by Los Padres Forest Association
Link: Chokecherry Spring
Date: 06-07-2015
Surveyor Name:Los Padres Forest Association
Camp Description:Report, Jenkins
Water Source:Flowing
Water Source Details:The water trough was full and there was a more rapid drip from the fill pipe than a month ago. The water in the trough was clear.
Weather Conditions:
Chokecherry Spring Survey - 2-13-2016 - by James
Link: Chokecherry Spring
Date: 2-13-2016
Surveyor Name:James
Camp Description:The tank wasn't full enough to start flowing, but there was still water in the trough.
Water Source:Trickle
Water Source Details:Water available
Weather Conditions:
Chokecherry Spring Survey - 11-6-2016 - by Cameron D
Link: Chokecherry Spring
Date: 11-6-2016
Surveyor Name:Cameron D
Camp Description:The trough had a few inches of water in it, but it had poop in it and was pretty much black. The lever for releasing water near the tank would not turn and the lever near the trough turned, but had no water behind it. The tank sounded empty to me as well.  I also checked the feeder box above the tank and it was moist but had no standing water. 

I had read that this was a fairly reliable water source, but I strongly discourage anyone from planning on getting water!
Water Source:Stagnant
Water Source Details:Low, stagnant, & deathly
Weather Conditions:Sunny and mid 70s

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Comments (5)

    Just a trickle from the spring on May 18, 2015.  There is a small crack in the spring box, however, and I was able to use a siphon to fill the bottles for my group (of 10) in conjunction with the trickle from the pipe below the spring. Trough was full - cleaned some of the algae and silt from the trough.
    Water flowing at Chokecherry as of 5/10/15.  The flow was light, which means it's probably time to get out there and clean out the spring box again.
    Author's website: www.LPForest.org
    Flowing fairly well and clear as of 05/01/15, though the water in the trough very definitely needs to be filtered. 
    10/20/2014 VWR Road Patrol along Buckhorn RdChokecherry is flowing nicely with crystal clear water
    Author's website: www.LPForest.org

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Last Updated: Friday, October 24, 2014

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