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Sycamore Camp South Los Padres National Forest

  • Camp Type: Wilderness Trail Camp
  • Topo Map Link: Hurricane Deck
  • Elevation: 2000 feet
  • Wilderness Area: San Rafael
  • County: Santa Barbara County
  • Ranger District: Santa Lucia Ranger District
  • Longitude: -119.8053554
  • Latitude: 34.80807266
  • Water Sources: Water is available from Sisquoc River.
  • Length of Stay: 14 Days
  • Reservations: Wilderness Trail Camp

Recent Water Reports:

Date Surveyor Water Report
10-04-2017Anonymous SurveyorFlowing
05-23-2017Ryan CheneyFlowing
04-22-2017Mike MakiFlowing
05-03-2016Los Padres Forest AssociationFlowing
04-01-2016Katie MendenhallFlowing
05-07-2015James WapotichStagnant
12-20-2014Los Padres Forest AssociationFlowing
11-25-2014Paul "The Beeman" CronshawDry


The original camp was located under a large sycamore tree behind the barn on the Ed Montgomery's homestead. This was the end of the wagon road up the river some 35 miles from Santa Maria. The sycamore tree died and the camp was on private property so it was moved up stream under some oak trees.
At the old homestead there is just a pile of rocks that remains of the chimney. It is at this point that the Jackson Trail 27W05 starts. It climbs to Montgomery Potrero where Josiah Montgomery, Ed's father, had his homestead.


Survey Photos:

  • Los Padres Forest Association - 05-03-2016

  • Mike Maki - 04-22-2017
    Register and camp sign

  • Mike Maki - 04-22-2017
    Sycamore Camp

Submitted Camp Reports

Sycamore Camp Survey - 10-04-2017 - by Anonymous Surveyor
Link: Sycamore Camp
Date: 10-04-2017
Surveyor Name:Anonymous Surveyor
Camp Description:
Water Source:Flowing
Water Source Details:Low flow near camp. Wet upstream of Sycamore, but goes dry just downstream.
Weather Conditions:
Sycamore Camp Survey - 05-23-2017 - by Ryan Cheney
Link: Sycamore Camp
Date: 05-23-2017
Surveyor Name:Ryan Cheney
Camp Description:Camp is in disrepair. Lots of trash left by horse campers. Privy is collapsing and totally full. Almost no tent pads as the camp is being taken over by grasses and foxtails.
Water Source:Flowing
Water Source Details:Siscouq Flowing Well.
Weather Conditions:
Sycamore Camp Survey - 04-22-2017 - by Mike Maki
Link: Sycamore Camp
Date: 04-22-2017
Surveyor Name:Mike Maki
Camp Description:Second night of solo four day Condor Trail section hike. Table is in good shape. Register is present. Great reading of some of the postings in the register. Latrine is pretty much full. Very little trash around. Grass is high. Quiet night.
Water Source:Flowing
Water Source Details:Can't cross the Sisquoc here without getting your feet wet
Weather Conditions:Clear and warm for April

Register and camp sign

Sycamore Camp
Sycamore Camp Survey - 05-03-2016 - by Los Padres Forest Association
Link: Sycamore Camp
Date: 05-03-2016
Surveyor Name:Los Padres Forest Association
Camp Description:Sycamore Camp is mostly brome grass.  Water on the Sisquoc goes under ground after camp.  We went up the trail out of the back of camp to get to water.  I don't know how long the water will last, it is lower than I have seen it before, but I have never been there this late in the season.

The tamarisk bush is back in the creek at the bottom of the trail & needs to be dug out & poisoned.

The corral needs fixing, some smooth wire & T post clips would do it.  Fencing pliers are needed to tighten the wires.  
Water Source:Flowing
Water Source Details:
Weather Conditions:

Sycamore Camp Survey - 04-01-2016 - by Katie Mendenhall
Link: Sycamore Camp
Date: 04-01-2016
Surveyor Name:Katie Mendenhall
Camp Description:
Water Source:Flowing
Water Source Details:Sisquoc River had lots of water
Weather Conditions:
Sycamore Camp Survey - 05-07-2015 - by James Wapotich
Link: Sycamore Camp
Date: 05-07-2015
Surveyor Name:James Wapotich
Camp Description:
Water Source:Stagnant
Water Source Details:No good water right at Sycamore Camp, standing, unappealing pools. Decent water in the crossing below camp, just before the flat where the Montgomery homestead is looking. Also good water in the Sisquoc the crossing after next upstream from camp
Weather Conditions:
Sycamore Camp Survey - 12-20-2014 - by Los Padres Forest Association
Link: Sycamore Camp
Date: 12-20-2014
Surveyor Name:Los Padres Forest Association
Camp Description:
Water Source:Flowing
Water Source Details:
Weather Conditions:
Sycamore Camp Survey - 11-25-2014 - by Paul "The Beeman" Cronshaw
Link: Sycamore Camp
Date: 11-25-2014
Surveyor Name:Paul "The Beeman" Cronshaw
Camp Description:This camp is a favorite for backpackers hiking the Sisquoc River Loop. It is located under the shade of several large oaks. The main camp has one large rock fire ring, one table, one fire shovel, one McCleod and toilet in need of repair.
Water Source:Dry
Water Source Details:
Weather Conditions:Sunny, Mid 70s

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Last Updated: Friday, July 31, 2015

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