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Coche Camp South Los Padres National Forest

  • Camp Type: Wilderness Trail Camp
  • Topo Map Link: Big Pine Mountain
  • Elevation: 3350 feet
  • Wilderness Area: San Rafael
  • County: Santa Barbara County
  • Ranger District: Santa Barbara Ranger District
  • Longitude: -119.7342803
  • Latitude: 34.68124257
  • Water Sources: Coche Creek
  • Length of Stay: 14 Days
  • Reservations: Wilderness Trail Camp

Recent Water Reports:

Date Surveyor Water Report
06-10-2017Axel Flowing
03-02-2016Los Padres Forest AssociationFlowing
05-22-2015Los Padres Forest AssociationFlowing


Coche Camp is a small primitive trail camp located on the Santa Cruz Trail (27W09) in the San Rafael Wilderness.  According to local legend, Coche means pig and must have meant that at one point in time there were wild pigs that frequented this corner of the forest.  Today there are little if any indications that wild pigs live along this creek.  Similar to the pigs, there is becoming little indication that Coche Camp exists as well.  The camp was ravaged in the 2007 Zaca Fire and while it still has a few icecan stoves, small fire-ring and a camp sign, it really is not a very attractive place to camp these days.  There is little flat ground in the camp and the water access requires dramatic yoga moves just to avoid the poison oak.  Nearby Kellogg Camp (0.3 miles downstream from Coche) is a much better option for camping and is highly recommended.  

Survey Photos:

  • Los Padres Forest Association - 05-22-2015

  • Los Padres Forest Association - 03-02-2016

Submitted Camp Reports

Coche Camp Survey - 06-10-2017 - by Axel
Link: Coche Camp
Date: 06-10-2017
Surveyor Name:Axel
Camp Description:Coming down off the Santa Cruz trail from Mission Pine Basin, I could not fine the camp so went down stream to Kellogg. I the area I thought the camp would be is choked with overgrowth, poison oak, and blow downs.
Water Source:Flowing
Water Source Details:
Weather Conditions:
Coche Camp Survey - 03-02-2016 - by Los Padres Forest Association
Link: Coche Camp
Date: 03-02-2016
Surveyor Name:Los Padres Forest Association
Camp Description:You could hear water flowing nicely in the creek but we didn't take the necessary plunge to confirm first hand. 
Water Source:Flowing
Water Source Details:Sounded nice, the creek always has good water.
Weather Conditions:PERFECT! Hiked through around 4pm and it was beautiful along the trail.

Coche Camp Survey - 05-22-2015 - by Los Padres Forest Association
Link: Coche Camp
Date: 05-22-2015
Surveyor Name:Los Padres Forest Association
Camp Description:Coche Camp is a mess.  What was already a neglected camp got worse when a large oak branch fell across the camp.  Getting to the water is really tough, more like a maze of PO and downed trees.  Highly suggested that people hike the extra half mile and camp at Kellogg Camp.
Water Source:Flowing
Water Source Details:Water is always flowing nice in the canyon
Weather Conditions:

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Last Updated: Wednesday, June 3, 2015

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